Welcome to the New Addition to our Family

June 14, 2017

                It finally happened.  Dawn and I applied a few years ago to be fosters for the Beagle Freedom Project.  They rescue animals from laboratories doing research on them, and in most cases they are beagles because of their docile and forgiving nature.


There was a rescue in Dallas that came about suddenly- as in the Beagle Freedom Project got the call on Monday afternoon to pick the dogs up Wednesday morning.  Needless to say, it left them scrambling, and us along with it, as we offered to host the rescue.  That meant 11 beagles in our yard, boys and girls, none of them spayed or neutered, so we had to not only block off the pool, but we also had to keep them separated.


The rescue went off without a hitch, and all of the dogs went on to fosters or adopters, aka “Foster Failures”.  We fall into the latter group.  We started by fostering to help rehabilitate and train her, fully expecting Indy to not be accepting of the new addition.  She has surprised us, and while they may not exactly be BFFs, they do get along, and Indy is relatively unbothered.


Below is a video of the rescue, posted by the Beagle Freedom Project on YouTube, and a few photos of our new addition.  Her name is Amory, which means bravery.  After making it through who knows what in the laboratory, we think that it is a very fitting name.


Amory is the one touching noses with Dawn in the video, and at the end of the video. She is truly a sweetheart, although it can be challenging having a puppy in the house again.